Pacco-Test, 2015

The Pacco-test is a tool imagined, built and developed by a group of citizen DIYers to know more about the water that surrounds them. Thanks to the use of smart technology, the Pacco-test allowed to check the quality of water bodies in the city and intervene should this be necessary

The Pacco-test was first and foremorst a lengthy process that explored ways in which citizens can take back control of the smart technology in their daily lives. At the same time it was in search for a way to harness the self-built technology to build an early warning system for ponds and rivers threatened by chemical or boilogical polution. This infograph shows the evolution of the process.

Because of its open character, the Pacco-test became involved in the collective definition of rules for the management of the environment via the use of open data, the decentralization of decisions concerning the commons, the exchange between actors coming from different contexts and environments such as local residents, researchers, managers who work together for a common good.

Here from 5:12 you can hear about the Pacco-test on national radio !

And even more on this dedicated website


  • Date: 2015
  • Location: Brussels
  • Type: Project
  • Status: Completed