Forma, 2015

Forma as a game to re-imagine the city consisted of 2 neighbourhood walks and 3 workshops.The game board was a ceramic model of the European neighbourhood-Maelbeek valley of 3,5m2; and aim of the game was to make a subjective assemblage of cards, images, objects and experiences that reveal hidden realities of the Maelbeek Valley.

Forma took place in February 2015. A overlap of historic and more recent maps was used for two thematic walk in the neighbourhood. Participants were provide with a set of icons to facilitate reading of the landscape.

A first one was called “Jungle” and looked at the city’s morphology with the question can small initiatives use or reinforce the local landscape, thinking of water, biodiversity, soft mobility, soft mobility and public space.

A second walk was called “Republic” and considered the city’s institutions and ways for small initiatives to provoke collaboration between different levels.

A final session called “Grand Forma” set out all lessons learned on the ceramic model of the neighbourhood, and started looking for ways forward. More information on the process here


  • Date: 2015
  • Location: Brussels
  • Type: Tool
  • Status: Completed