Router, 2008

Désolé! Cette page n'a pas (encore) été traduite en Français.

Where does the economy provide room for me? We are told that it is about finding a job that fits your profile. But is it? What if I have ideas, ambitions or skills that no one has poured into a job description yet? Can I look for my place based on what I want and what I am able do?

That’s what City Mine(d) thought, and it built the Router. The Router is a wooden box with 7 buttons above which 7 questions are asked. The user is asked to place the buttons on the answer that best fits her or his idea. When all questions have been answered, a ball is put in the top of the Router and lands on one of the eight possible positions at the bottom.

The seven questions are choices between the following oppositions:
I want to give something to the world with this idea
I want to get the maximum out of this idea for all those involved.

I want pleasure with this idea
I want success with this idea

This idea is political
This idea is creative

This idea is about changing
This idea is about sharing

This idea is for expression
This idea is for invention

I want a laugh from this idea
I want a link from this idea

This idea is for glory
This idea is for money

Which leads to 7 types of ideas:

  • business idea
  • fame idea
  • socialising idea
  • fun idea
  • pioneering idea
  • arts idea
  • teaching idea
  • world changing idea

After its first use in London in January 2008, the Router was re-used at several places in London, and in different Belgian cities.

With a different interface the Router also served for the Pacco-test, for greener consumption and for candidate volunteers & for involving neighbours from Brussels' Midi Neighbourhood in the Energy Community called "Pilone".


  • Date: 2008
  • Lieu: Brussels London
  • Type: Outil
  • Statut: En cours